Virgil Harden

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Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar

Virgil was born in Wythe, Va and has been singing, writing songs and playing instruments since he was about ten. He has spent many an evening over the past 50 yrs entertaining folks. Up until about 10 Years ago Virgil performed with other bands, when he decided to form his own band Appalachian Countdown. Now as he steps on stage with his band and the spot lights flash on creating a memorable bluegrass musical experience for the audience is his greatest thrill.

Virgil has just released two new CD's Harden Hill an original collection of hard driving bluegrass songs and Crossing Over an original collection of gospel songs.  Virgil's  CD "Essence Of Love" released earlier  is  a collection of  heartwarming love songs brought to life by unique musical compositions. The CD'S are avaiable on itunes, amazon and his web site .you can also take a lister on utube !

Virgil focused on creating music this year and will be releasing two more CD's later this year and will be touring next season .

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Originally from, Merritt Island Florida with a number of years around Charlotte Carolina now living in Walhalla South Carolina.

My love of music and the great sounds of the many genres has opened the door to not only various styles of music ,but a desire to master an array of instruments. I was influenced by many musicians in the Plethora of genres including Rock, Country, Blues, Jazz, Classical and without a doubt Bluegrass.

Playing the great sounds of these genres presented the challenge of mastering different instruments. One by one adding to my skills to include the guitar, dobro, bass, petal steel guitar, drums and developing my vocals.

Over the years I have played various instruments with a number of bands .I would have to say my favorite instruments are the Dobro and Guitar, especially now that I am a member of the Appalachian Countdown Band playing Virgil Harden's Original music.

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Chandler comes from Princeton W Va and was born to be a musician. He can skillfully play most every instrument,  although he  openly admits he has not conquered the fiddle. His instrument of choice is the mandolin, which he makes dance with incredible intensity when playing hard driving bluegrass traditional music. In a heart beat, Chandler can shift from being a power house mandolin player to a butterfly picking each delicate note on tender love song compositions making him a real asset to the Appalachian Countdown Band.