Virgil Harden

Appalachian Countdown

Appalachian Countdown — an Acoustic Bluegrass Band headed up by Virgil Harden began entertaining folks about 14 years ago. Since then, enthusiastic fans gather to listen to the original old time bluegrass music created by Virgil Harden which was influenced by groups such as, "The Carter Family" and "Flat & Scruggs". Over the years Virgil has written over several hundred songs which have a noticeable unique bluegrass sound that springs to life in each musical composition. The talented members of the band are all gifted musicians and bring every interlude to it's fullest potential from the intensity of the hard driving selections to the gentle sounds of each crystal clear note dancing in the air as love stories unfold

The awesome line up of talented members of the Appalachian Countdown band who make the music come alive are Chandler Beavers /Mandolin, Matt Hiser /Banjo, Josh Brown / Guitar, Ron Truman / Upright Bass and Virgil Harden Lead Vocal / Guitar.

Their goal is to present a truly memorable musical experience. One reminiscent  of years ago when families gathered round on log cabin porches to share the laughter and the good times while enjoying the stories unfold to foot stomping, heart warming bluegrass music.